Howard’s BBQ is now Mermaid Point

Hey everyone! Mermaid Point here. Along with all the excitement, anticipation, and optimism of opening a new restaurant comes some anxiety. Well, we won’t lie. There’s a lot of anxiousness in the air right now. We here at the Point know that Howard’s Barbecue has been a stalwart local business and community pillar in the town of Lillington for the better part of 40 years. Making the decision to change Howard’s Barbecue to Mermaid Point was a long, soul-searching process if we’re going to be completely honest here.

Ultimately our hearts told us that we couldn’t run Howard’s Barbecue the same way the Avrette family did. We wanted to keep the new name in line with the closeness of the river and it’s importance to Lillington- both in the past and on into the future. Mermaid Point is the location most well-known as┬áthe beginning of the Cape Fear River. With the end of the, dare we say, “Howard’s Era” and the new beginning of “Mermaid Point”, our purpose is to sustain an environment of family, great food, good times, and gorgeous sunsets over the Cape Fear.

We’ll be sharing this journey with you, our community, and looking forward to a bright future with Mermaid Point. Howard’s Barbecue and the Avrette family will always be remembered and honored here. Howard’s Barbecue started everything at this restaurant. Our goal is to earn our place in Lillington the same way that Howard’s family did for all those years before us.

That being said, we hope you’ll enjoy this article written by The Rant. It gives a little information on the history of Mermaid Point and the name change from Howard’s Barbecue to Mermaid Point. Of course, if you have any questions or comments about how we’re doing, our ears are open! See you on the river, y’all!

With warm regards and good cookin’,

The Mermaid Point family

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